SBA 504 loans for commercial real estate

SBA 504 loans are specifically designed to help businesses buy commercial real estate and other fixed assets with below-market, long-term, fixed interest rates.

  • As low as 10% down, so you can keep your cash working to grow your business. Single-purpose facilities or start-up businesses may require a slightly higher down payment for SBA 504 loans
  • Below-market FIXED interest rates with payments fully-amortized over 25 years, no balloon
  • No maximum loan amount (unlike 7a loan), so it’s flexible enough to meet your needs
  • No additional collateral required
  • Closing and other soft costs can be added to SBA 504 loans

Down Payment Assistance Program

Down Payment Assistance Program

CalHFA Conventional Loan Program is a CalHFA conventionally insured first mortgage loan featuring a fully amortizing fixed interest rate with a maximum 30-year term.

This program requires a minimum 3% down payment

No Income Limit for Family Size

The California first time homebuyer assistance agency (CalHFA) will no longer base qualifying income limit on family size.

CalHFA Buyer Assistance Loans

CalHFA offers Conventional and FHA first mortgages.  When you qualify for a CalHFA first mortgage, you are automatically eligible the down payment and closing cost assistance that accompanies it.

The exceptions are the Extra Credit Teacher Program (ECTP) and the Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC), which have additional qualifying criteria.

CalHFA Conventional First Mortgage

  • CalHFA Conventional Loan Program – 30 year fixed rate first mortgage loan insured with discounted private mortgage insurance using Fannie Mae underwriting guidelines.
  • CalPLUS Conventional Loan Program – CalHFA Conventional first mortgage with a slighter higher interest rate than the standard conventional loan.  This option is combined with the CalHFA Zero Interest Program (ZIP), which can be used to pay closing costs only.

CalHFA FHA First Mortgage

  • CalHFA FHA Loan Program – 30 year fixed rate FHA insured first mortgage loan.
  • CalPLUS FHA Loan Program – CalHFA FHA first mortgage with a slighter higher interest rate than the standard conventional loan.  This option is combined with the CalHFA Zero Interest Program (ZIP), which can be used to pay closing costs only.
  • Cal-EEM + Grant – Energy Efficient Mortgage program.  4% Grant can be used for energy efficient upgrades and may exceed FHA loan limits.

CalHFA Down Payment Assistance Programs

  • MyHome Assistance Program – Deferred payment, silent second loan up to the lesser of three and a half percent (3.5%) of the purchase price or appraised value.  MyHome Assistance can be used for down payment or closing cost assistance, and can be used with any CalHFA first mortgage program, including CalPLUS with ZIP.  Must be first time home buyer.
  • (ECTP) Extra Credit Teacher Home Purchase Program – Available to teachers, administrators, school district employees and staff members working for any California K-12 public school, which includes Charter schools and county/continuation schools.  Offers between $7,500 to $15,000 in down payment assistance for first time home buyers.


Lowest Rates- Fastest Approval Times- Minimal Paperwork

Owner and Non Owner Occupied- Alternative Financing

Non QM Mortgage Loans

Non QM Mortgage Loans

No Tax Return, No 4506T, No W2, No Paycheck Stubs!

Few Options To Qualify:

*Qualify with only a Verification Of Employment form executed by the employer!

*Qualify with 24 Months Banks Statements 

*Qualify with 12 Months Banks Statements 

*Qualify with 1 Months Personal Statement

*Qualify with Business License, P/L Statement and CPA Letter

*Qualify with enough Liquid Assets to cover the loan balance 

*Hard Money Loans Available from 300k to 15 Ml


No Income Verified Loans

No income verified loans are loans that do not require any verification of income and perfect for self-employed and business owners who declared low income on their tax return. Our no income loan agents are experienced in the loan industry and known for quick loan approvals and funding.


no income mortgage loan



100 Percent Financing FHA Mortgage Loan. No Down Payment Options.

100 Percent Financing FHA Mortgage Loan

Loan Term Options: 30 / 25 / 20 Year Fixed Rate

Eligible property types: Single Family Residence only

100% LTV

Utmost Pro now offers 100% LTV for FHA Purchase

640 FICO

3.5% Soft Second Mortgage

No Repayment if the Borrower does not exceed 115% of AMI.

If the borrower does, then we will allow with interest rates as low as ZERO!*

Soft Second mortgage goes away after 3 years – no repayment required if the mortgage is kept for 3 years!*

100 Percent Financing FHA Mortgage Loan

Excellent option for Home Buyers looking for affordable housing with no down payment options, FHA offers flexible financing options for all types of credit histories and profiles.

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FHA Loans

Self Employed Mortgage Loans

Self Employed Mortgage Loans - Bank Statement Loans

"We Close Loans that Banks Don't"

Non QM Mortgage Loans
  • Loan Amounts to $2m
  • Self Employed, no W2 or Tax Returns Required
  • Great for business owners with write offs
  • Loan Amounts to $2m
  • 12 and 24 month options
  • LTV’s to 85% with no MI
  • Interest Only Option Available
  • ARM’s and FIX rates Available
  • Personal or Business Bank Statement Options
  • W2 or Retired Co-Borrower allowed (blended income)
  • Non Warrantable condo’s
  • Credit scores down to 600
  • Owner Occ, 2nd Home and NOO
  • Borrowers with up to 20 financed properties
  • SFR, Condo, 2-4 Unit and Non-Warrantable Condo

1 Percent Down Payment Conventional Mortgage

1 percent down payment conventional mortgage

This is a lender paid down payment program where the actual bank provides a 2% grant to help you meet your minimum down payment requirement.


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  • Down payment as low as 1% 

  • Why Rent When You Could Own 

  • Close in as little as 30 Days


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