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Debt Service Coverage Ratio: 

A Debt Service Coverage Ratio, or DSCR, Cash Flow loan is an investment property mortgage that borrowers qualify for based on the cash-flow of the rental property. DSCR Loans make it easy for real estate investors to qualify for an investment property mortgage!

Do you wish to qualify for a mortgage based on cash flow generated by your investment property and avoid providing employment information, tax returns, pay stubs, W2s, etc.?

The DSCR Loan Program could be the best solution for you!

Qualify for a loan based on your property’s cash flow, NOT your income.

stated income mortgage loan

Program Highlights

  • Faster closing times
  • No income or job history verification required
  • Unlimited cash out
  • As little as 15% on down payments
  • Interest-only loan option available
  • Both long-term and short-term rentals are eligible
  • No maximum number of properties

examples of how DSCR ratio is calculated:

Scenario (Acceptable Cash-Flow) 

Rent: $2,000
PITI: $2,000. (principal, interest, taxes and insurance)
Ex: $2,000/$2,000 = 1.0 (DSCR=1.0)

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