Utmost Pro-Property Management

Property Management

7% of the total monthly revenue
  • Only for rent collected
  • No fee for vacancies
  • No early termination Fee
  • FREE tenant background check
  • FREE tenant credit check
  • FREE cloud management portal

Secure Tenant

Property manager will secure a tenant by:

  • Market and advertise the property
  • Schedule appointments and showings
  • Screening applicants including collect applications and run credit
  • Generate Lease Agreement


Daily management

Managing the day-to-day needs of the property:

  • Rant Collection
  • Maintenance requests and scheduling
  • Communicate with tenants. 

Property management fees will vary depending on multiple factors involved. The price will depend on the scope of work provided by the property manager.  

Breakdown of standard property management fees.

  1. Monthly fees 

The monthly management fee is usually a fixed flat rate or 8 to 12 percent of monthly gross rent.

The monthly fee covers the cost of daily managing. This includes communicating with tenants, collecting rent, and handling repairs and emergency maintenance. 

  1. Setup fee 

This is an onboarding fee, usually a one-time payment between $250-$500 per unit. Some companies will charge the equivalent of one month’s rent. The sign-up fee covers the following: 

  • Cost of setting up an account for bookkeeping with the property management company
  • Inspection and evaluation the condition of the property
  • Welcome or introductory materials for tenants to establish communication with a new property manager.

This fee is for leasing or vacant unit fee, a tenant placement fee can cost 25 to 75 percent of the first month’s rent. It can also be a flat fee. The fee covers costs for advertising, screening, touring the unit, creating leases, and move-in inspections.

In a vacant rental property, the manager might charge a fixed fee or an amount equal to one month’s rent until a new tenant signs the lease. Vacant rentals are riskier and require more work on the manager’s end. For example, the manager conducts weekly inspections to avoid break-ins and squatters.

Renewing a lease with an existing tenant covers the time the manager takes to make lease changes. Examples include a rent increase or concessions or obtaining the tenant’s signature. This fee is usually $200 or less.  

Some property management companies will have a full-time maintenance crew, and others will have a trustworthy network of professional contractors. Property managers will negotiate prices or receive discounts because they provide the contractors with continued business, so maintenance costs should be lower than what the landlord could find on their own.

Managers may charge maintenance fee if they supervise a significant renovation to ensure correct work. If the manager oversees renovations, some companies will charge a project management fee of 10 percent of the project value.

Management companies will charge a fee for handling evictions and collection services to obtain past due rent. The company will reach out to a law firm for assistance. This fee is usually $200 to $500 per eviction, plus legal fees.

Property managers companies may keep 20 to 50 percent of collected late fees as compensation for their services of gathering unpaid rent.  

There might be consequences for ending a contract with a property management company early. Unless Landlord has a just cause for breaking the contract, such as the property manager not performing the duties listed in the agreement, Landlord could be charged an early termination fee. The cost of these fees varies. Some firms will only request one month of lost income, while others will go as far as suing the property owner for breach of contract. 

A cheaper monthly management fee, fixed fees, or a la carte services might seem like a good deal initially, but they can cost more in the long run. Rental property is an investment, so it’s a good idea to invest in a great property manager to succeed. Focus on the quality of the service because a bad property manager will be more expensive over time if they aren’t fulfilling their duties.

The best property managers will have the necessary skills to increase the rental value, price appreciation, and return on investment. They will also help retain long-term tenants, reduce the vacancy rate, and save valuable time.

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